Rollators Available For Purchase In East Rutherford, NJ

Medfirst Homecare has Rollators available for sale in East Rutherford, NJ. For delivery options and pricing information please call us at 201-385-9700

Rollator with Folding Removable Back Support by Drive Medical
Drive Rollator Walker with Fold Up Seat

The Durable 4 Wheel Rollator by Drive Medical comes with a durable, padded seat and an easily removable padded backrest. Any questions please give us a call 201-385-9700

Drive Medical Nitro Rollator Walker
Nitro Euro Style Rollator Walker

The Nitro Euro Style Rollator for sale in East Rutherford, New Jersey is perfect for anyone who wants a convenient four wheel rollator that operates virtually anywhere. Any questions please give us a call 201-385-9700

Clever-Lite Walker by Drive Medical
Clever-Lite Walker

Are you looking to buy a new rollator walker and located in Bergen County, NJ? ompanyName has you covered. The Clever-LIte Walker for sale is a four-wheel rollator equipped with features like hand brakes, locking/swivel front wheels, flip-up seat with built-in carry handle.  The sleek folding capability of the Clever Lite allows the user store this walker easily. A removable storage bag allows you to store your personal belongings while out and about. The caster wheels can be changed from fixed to swivel–offering a full range of motion and stability. To learn more about buying a walker rollator please give us a call 201-385-9700

Drive Medical Go-Lite Bariatric Rollator
Drive Go-Lite Bariatric Rollator

The Go-Lite Bariatric Rollator by Drive Medical is constructed from a strong, steel reinforced frame that supports users weighing up to 500 lbs. To learn more about buying a heavy duty bariatric rollator please give us a call 201-385-9700

Invacare 3-WHL Rollator Walker

The three-wheel rollator comes standard with easy-to-attach basket, tray and tote bag. This rollator provides convenient mobility for a wide vareity of users. Any questions please give us a call at 201-385-9700

Drive Duet Rollator/Transport Chair, 8" Casters

Combines the features of a rollator and transport chair in one unit An individual can ambulate independently or be pushed safely by a caregiver. To learn more about buying a rollator please call 201-385-9700

Roscoe Basic Steel Rollator with Padded Seat

The Roscoe Basic Steel Rollator is the perfect blend of style, comfort and affordability. Constructed of durable powder-coated steel, the Roscoe Basic Steel Rollator offers great maneuverability and stability. It features easy-to-operate ergonomic hand brakes, a removable curved padded backrest and a water-resistant nylon pouch. Equipped with an easy folding mechanism for storage and transport. Designed to meet all your fundamental needs and height adjustable for a custom fit.

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