OPTEC Orthopedic Braces For Sale In East Rutherford, NJ

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Optec Venum Hybrid X LSO

The Venum Hybrid X LSO is the ultimate One-Size-Fts-All soft comfort brace for the lumbar-sacral region. Its primary function is to reduce pain, provide support and immobilization to the lumbar-sacral spine

The Venum Hybrid design allows each patient to get the perfect compression and immobilization for his situation, whether he is a young athlete recovering from a spinal injury or an elderly grandparent who wants to be able to do more with his grandchildren.

The adjustable One-Size-Fits-All feature of the Venum Hybrid, you will not have to worry about what sizes to keep in stock because in one brace you can fit practically anyone: from a slender adolescent to a hefty security guard. This orthosis enables you to offer comfortable support and stability no matter who walks into your office by simply adjusting the corset, without shelves full of bulky braces in every size for each gender.

Built-in anterior panels produce intra-abdominal pressure to reduce the load on discs thus reducing pain and improving post-operative outcome when used appropriately. The posterior panel is available in our Independent support panel design which creates a natural support system for the spine or a Central Support panel.

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