Local East Rutherford, NJ Back Braces For Sale

Do you need to buy a back brace and are located in Bergen County, NJ? Back pain affects millions of people worldwide and can be very difficult to live with. Give us a call at 201-385-9700 for all your lumbar support and back brace needs.

Pull It Back Brace

The Pull-It is designed to reduce the amount of stress and strain on your back allowing you to return to your active lifestyle. Designed to meet the performance needs of athletes, the Pull-It is perfect for playing golf, tennis or other sports- even for hiking or horseback riding. The fully adjustable, lightweight and breathable mesh material means the brace can be worn comfortably, and provide compressive support all day long, so that it helps relieve back pain, weakness and fatigue. The Pull-It™ spinal brace features a patented Mechanical Advantage Pulley System. It provides a 5 to 1 ratio that is low-friction, creating powerful, smooth and easily-controlled compression. This allows for one-handed tightening and loosening of the brace.

Industrial Back Support

Lightweight, all-elastic IBS with shoulder strap vest with duo-adjustment closure for variable compression. Helps prevent back injury on the job. The IBS increases abdominal lift to offset stress on the lower spine. Use whenever proper lifting techniques are called for or when additional support is needed.

Comfortable support and compression for lower back and abdomen.
Adjustable shoulder straps help maintain proper lifting technique.
Firm elastic binder and straps also prompt proper posture.
Ideal for repetitive activities.
Helps to reduce work-related lower back strain.

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