Are you having some issues with your Powerchair or Electric Wheelchair Joystick? Here are a few things to try before calling our service and repair center 201-385-9700

My joystick is not lighting up. What should I do? Try the following...

  1. Make sure that your chair is turned on.
  2. Make sure that the joystick cable is attached securely. See owner's manual.
  3. Make sure that your chair is charged.

Why are the lights on my joystick flashing? The flashing lights on your joystick could indicate any of the following issues:

  1. Attempting to move the chair immediately after turning it on you must wait for joystick lights to cycle before moving your chair.
  2. The chair will not operate while it is charging.
  3. Chair malfunction. See owner's manual.

My joystick is loose. How can I adjust it? The joystick is designed to be adjustable. See owner's manual for instructions on how to adjust or tighten.


What do I need to do to keep my power wheelchair running smoothly? To get years of excellent performance from your power chair, follow these simple maintenance tips.

  1. Keep your chair clean. Dirt and sand work their way into every moving part, creating friction and wearing down critical parts.
  2. Make sure batteries are holding their charge for their expected duration.
  3. You should always recharge your batteries per the manufacturer's guidelines, typically every day for 8 -12 hours.
  4. If you notice the batteries are not holding their charge, it may be time for another set. Or, you may have a loose connection.
  5. Always turn off your power chair before you get in or out of it. And always check to make sure it's off before you attempt to sit in or on it.

Should I keep my chair outside on a porch or in another covered location? No...